6 Tips To Turn A Prospective Airbnb Guest Into A Super Happy Visitor

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Turning (Almost) Every Moment Of Contact On Airbnb Into A New Booking: A Little Airbnb Guest Persuasion

It’s quite hard to fathom when you are starting out as a host that there could be any influence possible where you persuade a potential Airbnb guest to book with you. After all, either they like my listing or they don’t, right? I mean, either they find the price too high or too low, right? I hate to say it, but wrong. The fact that someone is enquiring with you to possibly stay with you is a huge opportunity. It means there is an initial interest. There may be several reasons not to go ahead and book with you. A proactive approach most often helps in giving your new guest that last little push.

But wait, there’s more. So keep reading…….

A Perfect Response

If your response is perfect to begin with, chances are that the people asking you questions are highly likely to book with you in the first place. Over time you will learn what best practice consists of when it comes to responding to guests. Some basic rules:

Affecting The Algorithms

Respond in a timely manner. Considering the sheer amount of applications you can choose from (desktop, Airbnb app, a browser on mobile)  as well as the ability to save templates on the Airbnb platform there are plenty of reasons to respond within a 5-minute time frame. Leave your excuses of why this isn’t possible for you in the comments! I love excuses! Responding fast also works great to awaken Airbnb’s algorithms and show them that you are an active and eager member.

Be Nice

Always be welcoming and humble in your responses. However bad your day, however great of a Superhost you are. It’s one of the most low-effort activities you will ever have to undertake. It also has the highest ROI. In the sense that it always yields a positive and uplifting response from a potential guest. And after all, who would want to book their holiday dream destination to get away from the hustle and bustle from their daily life with someone who isn’t friendly or welcoming. That’s right, no one!

Assumption Is The Mother Of All Expenses

Keep your assumptions to yourself: guests will ask outrageous questions as well as things which are stated clearly in the listing description. But due to a whole variety of reasons (culture/language/personal differences) every question is valid. I understand it’s not valid in your book, understandably so. Tro to be empathetic here and change your perspective so it aligns with the “why” behind the guests’ question. Instead of considering these questions as obnoxious, try to see the opportunity for what it is; an opportunity. Assumptions can turn out to be very expensive when the result is that you aren’t getting nowhere near as many bookings as you could be.

I Love Making Money, I Hate Guests

If cynicism gets the best of you, consider deleting your Airbnb account and join one of many Airbnb host vent/rage groups. Without a doubt, there will be stuff you encounter on your bnb adventure which frustrates you (even drives you a little crazy at times) but trust me when I say you are doing yourself and potential guests a favor by stopping as a host altogether if you notice that hosting is becoming more of a burden than a blessing.

Overall, if you manage to follow abovementioned tips, your response most likely will be great already. Don’t know what to write exactly after someone has shown interest via a request? Use the following as a baseline. Edit however necessary:

“Hi ……..,

Thanks for showing an interest in booking with us! The days you have requested to stay with us we have this wonderful room/apartment/home.condo available for you and your family/wife/husband/team/group. (LOCATION) is a great area to reside in. This property is amazing all year round for a visit to (LOCATION).  Loads to do for all tastes, from outdoor adventures for explorers to total isolation for those who prefer the homely and the comfy!

We love sharing the experience of staying in (LOCATION). Our goal is to guarantee great guest experiences.

(If you are looking to really upsell and sell your place to a potential guest, definitely describe everything it has to offer here in the email that has a certain wow factor about it)

We will make sure you will have an amazing stay with us. Feel free to ask away if anything is unclear. We look forward to meeting you and have you as our guests.

Kind regards,



I Am Not Desperate

No, I know you are not desperate. Everyone knows you are not desperate for a booking. But everyone also knows that is your ego speaking. After all, why would you not attempt to try and get every booking possible? There isn’t any valid reason not to. Except for perhaps finding it intimidating to admit that it is indeed possible. That every potential guest who contacts you could book with you with just a little persuasion. There are 100 reasons that a guest doesn’t contact you after an initial request. To name a few:

  • They are distracted, forgot about the initial contact as they have lives of their own
  • They (think they) saw a better deal for less money
  • They are put off by something concerning your listing or profile based on their assumption, something which isn’t based on reality.
  • 97 more reasons

There really is no harm in following up after an initial request. Don’t know what to write exactly? Use the following as a baseline. Edit however necessary:

Dear ……,

Hope you are doing well. Back on …….., you inquired about a stay with us for a …….. stay from ……….to ……….. Since I have not heard back from you, I’ll assume you are no longer interested or that you have made alternate plans. For that reason, I have removed the preapproval. Hope that’s ok! If for some reason you change your mind or need more time to decide let me know! We always love to host new guests.

We do hope you will consider our place for a future stay. For more information on our listing and current availability, please check back in due time.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Just Do It

So besides making sure you have the basics all set up, great intentions in place to become a Superhost and have a perfect listing description, you should learn to feel comfortable with marketing yourself to your potential guests.

No harm can be done. With time it will become an enjoyable experience because you notice the reward it unmistakeably seems to reap. With time you will notice that a change in your overall responses will have garnered you an exceptionally higher amount of bookings.

Still no success? No worries, have a little patience. Or get in touch with me to see what else we could tweak about your setup. It’s never one variable which comes into play. Would love to help you out! Let me know what I have missed in the comments!


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