Airbnb Evolution: Barcelona’s Super Earners

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BARCELONA: Airbnb Evolution

The sharing economy in Barcelona has several outcomes. According to DataHippo, there is one host that offers 204 apartments on the platform.

This host can earn no less than 37.721 euros in one season during the high season if he rents out all of his apartments, rooms or houses at the same time. The ten hosts with the most apartments together have 996 homes on the platform. Together they can earn 84.574 euros in one day, or over half a million euros per week or 2.5 million euros per month.

El Periódico

According to the newspaper El Periódico, that is 84,574 euros per day more than the 72,000 euros that Airbnb has paid in corporate tax over 2017 throughout Spain. The company’s head office is in Ireland.

DataHippo collects data from Airbnb and similar platforms such as HomeAway, HouseTrip or Only-Apartments to map them visually. They reveal data which highlights other aspects of the sharing economy.

It turns out that 666 hosts (4.43%) own Airbnb 5 or more homes and lease through the platform; that 3,633 hosts (24.1%) rent out 2 to 4 homes and that 10,765 hosts (7,146%) only advertise one house via the website.

More data

One particular host has 204 apartments, two have more than 100 each, three have between 50 and 99 apartments, 43 have between 25 and 49, 164 have between 10 and 24 houses and 445 hosts have between 5 and 9 apartments that they use via platforms such as Airbnb. It should be mentioned here that DataHippo registers the data of single hosts via a collective number on Airbnb. This can mean that several owners have united in one company, which rents apartments through the same code number.

If one summed up the earnings of the registered apartments offered via Airbnb in Barcelona of a one day stay, you would come up with an amount of approximately 1,575,778 euros. Leaving the municipality of Barcelona with little to nothing of these proceeds, except for complaints of locals disturbed by Airbnb nuisance.

Plague or Paradise?

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