Why It Makes Cents To Outsource The Content (Creation) Of An Airbnb Listing Description

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When Crossing Out The Wrong Words Is All You Have To Do For The Perfect Airbnb Listing Description

A lot of people assume that writing is easy and that writing an Airbnb listing description is SUPER easy. It’s not. If it was, the majority of Airbnb listings over the world would read as prose and most of the guests would be wooed into booking with you. The listings would draw you in with intriguing texts, charming language, and smooth punchlines. They would highlight the nicest feature of the listing without it being obvious. And most importantly they would direct the attention of the reader in exactly the right direction. But unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Here are six fundamental key points to pay attention to when you are writing up your own listing.

1. Keep It Short

Some people may have the tendency to think that using hugely intricate sentences works better because of the way it articulates and the way it reads. But this previous sentence was already too long by itself. I could have just said; some people think it’s better to write long sentences. They believe it makes the listing description sound more interesting. As if it were to draw in more bookings. But in actuality, it’s better to keep it as short as possible. For a whole variety of reasons. One of which being the attention span of the viewer. The perceived length of the text and the individual sentences will subconsciously drive the potential guest away or towards the rest of the text. I am going to use ‘potential’ quite a bit. It’s not your guest until they have completed the booking.

2. Don’t Try To Impress By Using A Broad And Voluminous Vocabulary

This may seem like generic advice but it needs to be emphasized for several reasons. Some people equate the use of a very rich and colorful vocabulary to a better way of selling your home. When in actuality all it does for your Airbnb listing description, is create a bigger distance between you and the potential guest. The guest might not know what a certain word means, besides the fact that English might very well not be their native language. So if the text coincides with your goal, attracting potential participants to take part in an Airbnb experience poetry workshop, it’s absolutely fine to make your text stand out by using a fancy vocabulary. Otherwise keeping it simple is a great credo to abide by. For the sake of a potential guest booking quickly, it makes sense to keep the text simple, engaging and personable.

3. Try Not To Copy And If You Do, Do Paraphrase

Some clients of mine have previously used content from previous hosts (of the same property) or from the content supplied to them by the sellers of the property. These texts often make their Airbnb listing description very salesy in nature and don’t suffice as “authentic”. They focus very much on how amazing the property and its amenities are. Summarizing in often poetic style how fantastic the new “home away from home” is. When in fact lots of Airbnb users and potential guests are looking for something else. Even though the times have changed and there are lots of people making Airbnb into a profitable business model through rental arbitrage, the guests are still looking for characteristic and personalized experiences. Holiday stays which distinguish from hotel visits and have a much more personal, authentic and rustic feel to them. So they can go home and tell everybody how enjoyable their stay was, and upload it to the Gram

4. Be Authentic In Your Approach And Use Of Words

You may not have much experience writing. You may think you don’t possess magnificent writing skill. If that is the case, because you are marvelous at something else, please try to keep the tone of the text as true to your own voice as possible. That means writing as if you are telling your best friend about how great your listing is. With the conviction of someone who truly believes they have some superb (bnb) value to offer.

5. Cut The Clutter And Keep It Simple

In the land of ambiguity, simplicity is king. As with most things in life, if something is difficult, our first instinct is not to conquer the challenge but rather go watch Netflix or scroll down our Facebook feed. So if you read over your listing and see that there is information in there which you feel adds no value or you would be willing to delete, please do just that. There is no point to having something in your Airbnb listing description if it isn’t useful for the reader to know about or possibly could even confuse the reader.

6. Try to find a balance in tone

Some people really go overboard with their listing description. Because of their enthusiasm about their property and starting a new Airbnb enterprise, they get caught up in a magical sales pitch which throws words at the readers, sometimes even in CAPS LOCK, such as “wonderful, amazing and fabulous” which SCREAM how incredible the property is. The tone of voice is ever important, especially because you want to try to appeal to the whole world (Airbnb has no boundaries) potentially and are not addressing one target group. After all, you want the world to stay with you. If you overemphasize how great you are, people may (mis)interpret that and start to feel over-hyped towards their visit. At the risk of them encountering a less than phenomenal property, which causes an anti-climax and inevitably sets them (and you) up for a possible bad review. ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’ applies here too. On the other side, you should never downplay your property, nor what you are proud of. Feel free to highlight the awesome features and explicitly mention the value it can bring to a person’s stay. Finding a balance between over and underselling should put you at exactly the right place.


Having a stunning first picture (and set of pictures) works wonders. But having an equally as beautiful text can really entice your guest and help them make a decision to stay with you. Be it instant via an ‘Instant Booking’ or by contacting you directly. All you need to do after that is make sure you answer within a 5-minute timeframe to keep up some super response rates and shake Airbnb algorithms to their core. 10 minutes will do too, but you catch my drift.

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