Amsterdam’s most expensive Airbnb

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Most expensive Airbnb property from Amsterdam

This Airbnb is not located in a regular home, but in a monumental crane right on the IJ, a river separating the North of Amsterdam from the centre. The crane was built in the 1950s but has not been used since 1984. It wasn’t until 2011 when an investor fixed it and patched it up, ready to be exploited.

The crane was dismantled in 2013 and transported to Franeker, to undergo a thorough restoration there. Later that year it was returned to its original spot overlooking the IJ again. Suites included!


However, building those suites was not easy. The tower of the crane can still turn. A smart solution had to be applied for all of the logistics to make it habitable. Pipes, electricity and what not. The developer who was involved won a prestigious prize, the Pieter van Vollenhoven prize.

Squadgoals met

Eventually, the job was done,  with the crane no longer having its lifting capability, but consisting of three luxury hotel suites and a jacuzzi on top of this Dutch giant instead. This unique Airbnb offers an amazing view over the centre of Amsterdam. Especially on a beautiful clear day or evening, which truth be told, aren’t very frequent in the Netherlands. At all.


Besides the unique setting, it’s also a place with a disconcerting past, surrounded by some controversy. It isn’t very accessible to people with a disability and children under 16 are not welcome. On top of that in May this year, a tragic accident happened where a 32-year-old man died after falling out of the crane during a party.

In the end

Controversy aside, this Airbnb offers (separately) 3 suites, 3 beds, 3 bathrooms and a jacuzzi. And enough room for an extraordinary experience. You can book a separate room, but you can also rent the whole thing. Because you know, why not.

You’ll pay 4500 euros to rent the entire crane for one night.  a crane with a jacuzzi on the roof and an astounding view over the IJ.  In the most expensive Airbnb in Amsterdam (for now).

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