5 basic tips for a good airbnb experience

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Airbnb beginnings

Although almost everyone is accustomed to Airbnb, it’s always exciting to stay in a stranger’s home. Will the house look like the pictures? Which items can I use or definitely not touch? How does the heating work? Is there someone to give me the key? But especially: Is the house clean? For that reason, I have compiled 5 basic tips to guarantee that your guest has a good Airbnb experience (which means you have a good experience too).

Cleanliness is KING

Make sure your apartment is spick and span. Nothing is more dissatisfying for a guest than finding mouldy food in the fridge (or anywhere else for that matter) or having to find an abundance of hair in the bathroom or in the shower pit. Therefore, make sure your home is hotel-quality clean.

Above & Beyond

Give your guests a warm welcome with a welcome pack. Provide essentials such as soap, shampoo toilet paper and coffee/tea. Go that extra mile by providing a local treat. Write a personal welcome letter to welcome your guests and explain how everything works at home, including the wi-fi code. Make yourself memorable by having a selection of cold beverages in the fridge at their disposal. Alternatively, offer them free use of bikes and a map of the city.

Communication is everything

Before, during and after the booking, it is extremely important to communicate well with your guest. Communication is key. Explain the house rules during check-in and explain elaborately how they can travel to your apartment. Respond promptly to questions and make sure you are always available quickly in case your guests need your help.

Prevention & Safety

Also, make sure your home is safe for guests. All the items of which you know they need a little more care need to be explained to the guest. Take (steep) staircases at strange angles, for example, electrical wires that have not been cleared yet, windows that you have to open in a specific way. You might be very accustomed to how your house works. Your future guests are not. Double check your home again and see if everything is safe.

Be a friendly & proactive neighbour

You will receive guests with lots of luggage. There will be strange people coming home at strange times. They might even ring the wrong doorbell at times. In any case, they are most likely to draw attention from your neighbours. Inform them to your best ability. Tell them of your endeavour and give them a number they can always reach you on in case of any unexpected inconvenience.

Hope this helps!

You are good to go!

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