Communication is key

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For communication, you should reply to all messages right away because response times are tracked by Airbnb and other platforms alike. Send all your guests a personal confirmation message so they know you were paying attention to your listing. This is very important if you allow automatic booking because you may not have talked to your guest yet. By the way, automatic booking works great (for SEO and occupancy purposes), but you should be cautious about enabling this initially because you want to know who your typical renters are first. Especially if you are not experienced. Furthermore, your calendar needs to be on point and updated, price and availability wise to make sure a booking is convenient or possible.

The arrival

The highly anticipated arrival: “Hello, it’s blabla from the booking @ Airbnb”

The day of arrival or better yet a week in advance, text the guests a photo of the house and a map so they don’t get lost. Ask what time they expect to arrive. This is very important if you have neighbours with similar houses to you because guests can get annoyed and neighbours can get annoyed quickly if guests keep coming to their door. It’s nice to be able to anticipate an arrival for logical and logistical reasons. The last thing you want to be is unneighbourly and no longer running a BnB. Also, if you’re a tenant or your landlord has special rules for short-term leasing, this might be a problem. So check with your landlord, your lease agreement, and your homeowners’ association first.


Being an actual, physical and human host as opposed to an automated self check-in smart lock which runs on Wi-Fi and can be controlled via an application


Smart lock – Lock Box – Smart lockbox

Back to communication. For check-in, try to be home to give guests an introduction to your place. Though if you’re not available, there are things you can do to “welcome” your guest. You could put a key in a so-called hidden spot. But if you are paranoid like me and would immediately be thinking about insurance-related issues I would rather suggest to get a lock box like Real Estate agents use for extra security and then just text guests the access code. (more on automated check-ins later). As far as how to greet your guests and welcome them, I have no specific advice, but just try to be nice and welcoming and point out all the things like amenities, light switches, thermostats and Wi-Fi networks that they may want know about. Have some special features which were not mentioned in the listing. I guarantee you, this will WOW them. You need that, that WOW. A lot of it. It will work miracles for you.

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