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Going over the edge

You might want to exploit your culinary talents. If you have a kitchen suitable for prep cooks and executive chefs and a feeling for food, why not give it a go. With the arrival of summer and the good weather, the meetings multiply. From an impromptu Airbnb solo-traveller visit to a romantic dinner or some mass production for a group of friends: the host is the key to success. Here are some guidelines so that you become the perfect host. Your only concern would be to enjoy.

Seasonal menu

First, you must choose the menu that you are going to serve. We recommend you to keep in mind three basic things: the time of the year you are in, the time of the appointment and, of course, seasonal foods. Although it is obvious, in summer the fresh recipes (of seasonal produce) are a safe bet. And if, after seeing Masterchef, you have summoned your creativity in the kitchen, resist the temptation to go mental when it comes to experimenting. Choose dishes that you already master and limit the creativity to the garnish or accompaniments. The best recipes need practice beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Cook with colour

This does not only apply to the food you are going to choose, but also to the tableware and presentation of the table. According to a study by Koert Van Ittersum and Brian Wansink, the contrast between dish colour and the food is crucial. That is why if we want our guests to be satisfied, we need to avoid dishes that may have high contrast, such as red. Green is associated with healthy recipes, white with dairy and pure ingredients, orange with citrus and vitamins … If you choose the right colours, you will stimulate the appetite of your guests. Put this trick into practice and you’re headed towards grandeur.

Choose the perfect tableware

Currently, there are different formats, textures, sizes and colours to present your food in the most original and fun way. For example, slate sheets are perfect for meats and fish, while plain white dishes are great for desserts. You can also surprise your guests with dishes of different motifs or use triangular shapes.

Do not overload the table.

Always keep in mind;¬† “less is more”. In this way, if you have doubts about whether to put one thing or another, always opt for simplicity by adding some small detail, which does not distort visibility among the diners.

Variety is the spice of life

Each (and everyone’s) palate is different so it is highly recommended to prepare different foods so that no one leaves with an empty stomach.

Create the perfect scene

It creates an atmosphere in which the guests feel comfortable and tries to tailor to any possible desire of the guest: from the lighting to the aromas and the cleaning.

And finally, if something goes wrong, take a deep breath. You must not worry. You are surrounded by people who appreciate where they are and the effort involved and what is really important is that they feel at ease and taken care of.

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