Corona Virus – How I Never Became A Top-Rated Seller On Fiverr (In The Airbnb Niche)

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How To Become A Top-Rated Seller On Fiverr (In The Airbnb Niche)

The Article Which Was Written Too Soon

I wrote this article on the 15th of September 2019, assuming I would be a Top-rated seller the next day. Little did I know… “Top Rated Sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. Our editors look at many different factors when choosing Top Rated Sellers, including seniority, the volume of sales, exceptional customer care, and community leadership, among other criteria. Unfortunately, no seller is entitled to this level, so if Editorial Team decides to promote you, you will be notified on one of those evaluation dates.” 

This was a response from Fiverr’s support team. I was heartbroken. Actually I wasn’t heartbroken but my ego was having a tantrum. As I assumed I was “entitled”. Whoops! I sure was eager to get that badge. After all, who doesn’t love a badge? Not just any badge, a Top-rated seller badge which was hard to come by. In any case, as this article has been published it doesn’t mean I have finally retrieved my new status. It hasn’t happened yet and won’t happen for a while. Because what did happen was the pandemic outbreak of the coronavirus.

A Brave New Covid World

So now while COVID19 is hitting the world and we will be facing a plethora of ongoing lockdown, the only Airbnb experience people will be embarking on, is a virtual one. Nonetheless, having a top-rated seller status will happen for me someday, as I am, without fail, the best copywriter in the Airbnb niche. I have been around in the ecosystem long enough to make this claim. My 315 5 star reviews on Fiverr prove it. As does the feedback from all my previous clients. So call this wishful thinking or a creative and positive twist to a self-fulfilling prophecy; one day I hope to reflect on how this process actually played out for me. Now, with this information in the back of your mind, read the article as I was intending to publish on the 15th of September 2019. Enjoy!

Top-Rated Seller Status: The Wait Is Over

After having spent a few years on Fiverr, I have finally acquired the Top-Rated status. Not gonna lie, quite proud of that one. I am the only Top-Rated seller on the Fiverr platform who is focused on offering services for Airbnb hosts, property managers and other people in the short term rental business. All designed to help hosts increase occupancy rates and nightly rates, whilst at all times aiding these same hosts to achieve nothing less than 5-star reviews. It took me a considerable amount of time to get to a Top-Rated seller status. Building up an online reputation takes time. If credibility was built in a day we would all be rich (or very poor depending on how you look at it).

Like everyone on Fiverr, I started as a Level One seller. And let’s face it, being a Level One seller without any reviews doesn’t particularly instill a sense of trust into a potential buyer. Which is the reason I needed to establish trust by getting a first customer to buy my services. I also needed to get my first 5-star review in order to showcase to other potential buyers that my service is worth buying. Of which I can say today very confidently that it is. Spread out over all of my services on Fiverr I have a total of 315 5-star reviews. 189of which are exclusively for my listing description service. Gradually, through patience, hard work, focus, and more patience I got there. 

Natural Path Of Growth

I armed myself with specific knowledge. Which has allowed me to get paid at scale. During the process of going from a Level One to a Level Two seller, I constantly rearranged my tactic and experimented with new services in several variations. Specific knowledge, as stated by Naval is the hardest thing to come by. Not everything can be taught. No one goes out there saying they want to be an (Air)BnB copywriter. It’s something that happens naturally over time. Depending on your goal, which in my case is to work anywhere I would like to, independent of time and location. The Airbnb copywriting niche and role I directed myself towards, evolved organically. Through the constant practice of copywriting (for BnB/homeowners), it helped me involve into a writer with specialized knowledge in a specific domain.

It was what lead me to purchase the domain for this website and simultaneously led me to expanding on my services. I didn’t choose this niche from the get-go. After being a Superhost but predominantly working with loads of hosts I was able to gather very specific knowledge. And I was able to combine it with my copywriting and marketing background. It isn’t something I could have trained for. It is only by sheer practice that I have managed to finetune this service. That is why I can capitalize on helping hosts become even better. After all, who doesn’t want to be better at what they do? And get more bookings, at a higher rate, and get 5 stars in the process? You catch my drift.

Defining What You Sell: Productizing Yourself

I guess you could say I sell perception. An increased and more efficiently utilized sense of perception. My whole business revolves around the idea that you can leverage the perception of the client to improve the service he or she is offering in order for their guest to give them a better rating. I am looking forward to the new ideas that are sparked by working on Fiverr. Expanding my services as I go. Increasing the amount of value of my work so my clients feel enriched, for the lack of a better word, after making a purchase.

To quote the “angel philosopher” in episode 9 of Naval’s podcast:

  1. The Internet Has Massively Broadened Career Possibilities

So, given that each person has different skillsets, different interests, different obsessions. And it’s that diversity that becomes a creative superpower. So, each person can be creatively superb at their own unique thing.

How To Become A Top Rated Seller On Fiverr Yourself

I realize now that I am not one thing/talent nor that I have to limit myself to one skillset or one goal. I want to explore crypto consultancy (as I have a deep understanding of crypto markets too), being a corporate communication trainer (as I have a background in roleplay acting in a communication environment) and being a(n) (online) life coach (as I have experience “living”). As I have expanded my services into writing captions for Instagram and I have received 5 stars for that gig exclusively too, I will be setting up a website soon of which I have purchased the domain already (edit: didn’t pan out as I didn’t like it). Fiverr is a wonderful place to start to create services for yourself and help you get the exposure you need to do business. There is real leverage here.

(This article doesn’t get into what you can start selling as I am sure you will figure that out yourself in due time;). This article assumes you already have a service you consider to sell)

Be patient:

Being patient, however, doesn’t come naturally for most. Besides the fact that we are all looking for quick fixes and find it hard to envision the long-term game. If you lack long-term vision you will lack long-term skills. Which is, no matter how dissatisfied you are with a certain experience on Fiverr with a certain client, it’s important (for your own good) to remain professional, engaged and enthusiastic. I would dare to say that during 90 percent of communication with a client on Fiverr, where the tone or the content seemed to offend or irritate me, it was never the intention of the client to do so. It may seem straightforward but try to give the least emotional response possible.

If you stay focused on your goal of becoming a Top-Rated seller, that should be a strong enough incentive. So if a client seems rude or if someone is dissatisfied about your work, always keep a professional tone. 

Stimulate The Fiverr Algorithms:

If you notice you aren’t getting a lot of traction on Fiverr after having had lots of inquiries and purchases of your gigs compared to – let’s say-  two months before, try to switch up the algorithms. Besides responding swiftly every single time, follow up on all potential buyers who showed interest a short while before but never committed to the actual purchase. Show the platform that you are an active and engaged user. Make slight (but frequent) adjustments to each individual gig (change prices/delivery dates/optimize the text so it’s even more relevant and double-check older content of the gigs to make sure it is error-free!). 

Get Creative:

Create a new version of an existing gig and slightly alter the service, add on to it or divide into sub gigs. Keep in mind that people might not understand what it is you offer exactly. In which case they might need a little push in the right direction. To clarify. If it’s not entirely clear what you are selling it might be a dealbreaker from the get-go, where potential buyers don’t feel like getting in touch because they assume they don’t need your services. The key isn’t only giving the public what they don’t know they need, but explaining it to them in a manner which makes it hard for them to refuse.

Get Even More Creative

Have a brainstorm session (with yourself or others) about creating a variation of your services which you might not have realized was sellable in the first place. In my case, I had gathered very specific email templates over the years which helped the automation process of the Airbnb hosting process. At one moment in time, I realized these templates could hold real value for my buyers, especially the hosts who were just starting out. I perfected the emails over time and made sure they contained the exact amount of information to elicit the exact desired response from guests. Other potential buyers might not be interested in an entire package. This means you could repurpose the content of your gig offering microservices for a lower, more attractive fee.

Make Minute Adjustments And Keep On Expanding Your Services

Go back to the content description of your gig and makes sure all the information which is visible is relevant to your gig. Where you deem it possible, make certain parts sound nicer or more professional, or hire a copywriter to do this work for you. Seriously consider using the upselling function which Fiverr offers its user. Implement this upselling feature over all of your gigs. More gigs, more exposure, more upselling of a variety of your services means even more exposure. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity for your buyers to use you for services they were previously unaware of.

I hope you found this article insightful! Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions about my services or about how you could help finetune your journey as an online seller. Perhaps you have some great tips yourself.

If you are in need of an extremely well-written listing description or are looking to survive this corona epidemic, email me @ Or click here to find out how a Professionally Written And Edited Airbnb Listing can help you increase your bookings & predominantly charge higher rates in a time where no one is traveling.

Be it now, or in 2021.

Start preparing for later. Not when it’s too late, but now.



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