Airbnb’s “Extenuating Circumstances Policy” – COVID19 VS The World

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How COVID19 Became A Host’s Biggest Headache

Like a fucking never-ending no-cure migraine. Maybe that’s a tad dramatic but it’s fair to say that a global lockdown due to COVID19 is the least favorable situation for STR companies, hosts and other Airbnb enthusiasts. Welcome to a (Super)host’s nightmare. To a time where no one travels and hardly anyone wants to hear about your “super central 1BR wonder with immaculate views of WHOCARES”. Everyone is too busy surviving; thinking about how they will make it until through this and the next month, forever preoccupied with tomorrow as tomorrow has never been more fragile. ‘Vacation rental properties’ isn’t the only area affected by this crisis. The results of a global lockdown are far-reaching and have a significant impact on all layers of society.

Even after lockdowns have been lifted there will be an immense amount of fear and anxiety. So even though speaking of pre and post lockdown periods sounds like a fictitious and apocalyptic synopsis of a new SciFi movie, you better get busy thinking about how you are going to endure this viral shitstorm. Because even though the business revolving around Short term rentals isn’t the only one being hit it, is one of the categories that is being hit the hardest.

All Of The Burdens, None Of The Benefits

Airbnb evolved from being a neat idea where the founders conceptualized “Air bed and breakfast” to becoming digital brokers for homeowners and those wanting to travel the world. Many hosts soon realized the tremendous opportunity of rental arbitrage, where they would manage the properties to rent them out via the Airbnb platform. Imagine having 5 properties, and making a solid profit and all of a sudden having all of the expenses and 0 profit. You are totally fucked.

What To Do When Your Listing Is Locked Down

Nothing. There is nothing you can do to change any of this. There is nothing you can do to force guests to book with you at this moment in time. Even in the most optimistic scenario that there will be a vaccine in 2021, you would have to assume that until that time no one will visit your Airbnb.

So do this;

  • wait
  • plan
  • think
  • meditate
  • practice mindfulness
  • learn a new language
  • prepare an “Airbnb experience”
  • create accounts over all platforms
  • learn how to be independent so you remain unaffected by the (after)effects of Black Swan events
  • consider another business model and new career altogether
  • create an online hustle
  • realize it will take you two years to monetize this hustle
  • start a toilet paper brand or factory

Stagnation Will Be Death

Whatever you do, don’t just wait and do nothing. If you survive this era as a host, prepare for 2021 and plan accordingly. What will guests be like in 2021? Will they have the same needs when it comes to your listing? With different demands? Focused 100 percent on cleanliness more than before? Will you provide gloves, antibacterial cremes, and gels? Could we gift them washable masks? Should we have smart locks installed to have to avoid personal check-ins. Is it obligatory to employ specialized cleaning companies who charge hefty fees for “Corona free properties”? What are you missing? How can you facilitate an environment which draws in a maximum amount of guests who still leave 5-star reviews?

All Is Kinda Well That Ends Well

When this blows over, and it will blow over, you will have to use every trick up your sleeve to lure guests into your home. Fear and anxiety will prevail for a while over guests’ previously unrestricted sense of Airbnb adventure. The truth is that most hosts won’t manage to survive, especially those into rental arbitrage. Hopefully, you have managed to survive and be amongst those hosts who haven’t given up or who were creative enough to deal with an extremely strenuous situation. Even though your listing is as “super” as it was pre-COVID19, you will absolutely have to alter your strategy to some extent.

Don’t be like everyone else. Prepare for afterward, prepare for a new normal. A new normal where everything changes, but that’s ok because you know what you are doing.

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Be it now, or in 2021.

Start preparing for later. Not when it’s too late, but now.



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