How to Airbnb: Pro advice for novel and veteran Airbnb hosts

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Absolute Do’s and absolute Don’t’s

If you really want to know how you can step up your Airbnb game, then keep reading. From a side hustle, friendly endeavour to becoming a professional enterprise with consistently great results and ecstatic guest experiences.

Fair and not so fair ways of advertising your space – Be transparent

If the space (or any facilities within the space) you are renting is shared with yourself or with another guest, be very explicit about it in the listing description. In the case you are currently undergoing renovation, be transparent. When you live 1 kilometre away from a specific go-to sight or top-notch tourist attraction don’t try to sell it as “walking distance” or “with 5 minutes travelling distance”. The more specific you are and the closer your description is to the truth the more a guest will appreciate it and the less likely you will have to deal with a dissatisfied guest leaving you a dissatisfied review. This is stating the obvious yet worth mentioning. Hosts are often scared of being precise (about possible negative features) because it might deter certain guests. That may seem to be so but luckily there are a lot of other innovative ways to get your place booked. And your assumptions on what is negative….well……they are assumptions.

1. Be clear
2. Be honest
3. Meet expectations
4. Exceed them

Getting better (3bedroom kind of home, chamring sleeps 10, bestest place, no complaining)

Check all your expenses

If you haven’t done this already write down all your expenses. Just for the sake of getting insight into what goes out every month as opposed to what comes in. These costs determine to some extent where you will set your nightly rate at. Obviously in combination with the actual service that you offer. Which brings us to our next topic. Probably the most important and defining topic.

Determining the perfect price – maximizing profits while maintaining 100 percent  guest satisfaction

Trial and error pricing

Getting a first (couple of) 5-star reviews really helps you to get going for your following bookings (to eventually achieve Superhost status). So besides the text and the pictures, it can always be a consideration on your part to drop the prices as low as the minimum allows, with no extra charge for the first 5 to 10 bookings. This will definitely garner attention and cannot result in anything else but a 5-star review. You will be getting raving reviews, especially considering all the extras you will be offering which I will be mentioning later. After all, the guests received top-notch service for an absolute bargain. They hit the so called BnB jackpot. All the more reason to express their gratitude for it in a majestic review.

Review time

As a reminder of your immaculate service, after having stayed at your majestic living quarters, you could send
them something like this:

Dear ………….,

I hope you enjoyed your time staying here.
It would be incredibly helpful to me if you could leave me a review on (specific platform)
within the 10 day time window to let future guests know that you had a positive
Thanks and have a great week!

All the best,

PS. If you ever decide to return here, please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can host you again!


Don’t forget to experiment with your listing. Adjusting the minimum stay from 1 day stays to 2 weeks or even 1-month minimums and everything in between. Just to see what interests people and what works. What garners attention? Don’t let yourself be guided by assumptions of what may work. Sometimes expectations are well exceeded.


– Business travellers (seeking fast internet/modern and comfortable facilities and other home office facilities/ whilst being in a BnB (much) cheaper than a hotel) wanting to stay for one month in a very comfortable space for a relatively higher price (who don’t mind a shared bathroom and kitchen)
– Weddings taking place close by
– Gatherings/Conventions
– Et Cetera

Longer stays with big(ger) amounts of guests means a relatively less amount of work invested:

– Less welcoming
– Even less checking in or out
– Drastic reduction information exchange
– Clear needs of the guests as there isn’t too much frequent change and exchange of guests. (lesser frequency of info exchange)

Especially if you have more than one space you should definitely consider to list every space separately, every room independent from the next one. Even try making a listing combo – two rooms for the price of one or three if you have three, and so forth. The possibilities are endless. Two night stay minimum, set as a condition which is only available on Fridays and Saturdays, fluctuating the price from lows to highs. This might work, might not. We will have to see. The idea and the experimenting are what counts. Whatever you do, never assume.

A famous quote from the infamous cinematic event, ‘Under Siege II: Dark territory:’

“Assumption is the mother of all muck ups.”

What you might consider expensive someone else might consider the bargain of a lifetime. In due time, you will have gathered enough info to make some clear choices for optimal bookings, best customer experiences at the lowest effort for yourself 🙂


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