Outsourcing when life is good (or horrendously bad)

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Guesty Airbnb property management allows you to outsource guest communications on a 24-hour basis. I once went for a demo to understand a little more about what they have to offer. The service is actually very impressive. At very low effort they are able to automate a huge amount of processes for you. You don’t have to worry about ever missing out on a booking because someone else might have responded 30 minutes sooner than you did. Then again, why wouldn’t you be able to respond within 30 minutes, considering the variety of notifications you can use nowadays? Yes, you must sleep (fair enough).


Pillow helps automate the listing of your property across multiple platforms. They claim to be the first collaborative solution between building management and residents that opens the door to extra income. Additionally they offer full-service property management in select cities. Guests receive a complete solution that makes hosting easier with automated listing creation, secure building access, and a verified professional network of trusted turnover assistance.

Airbnb themselves

Airbnb now supplies and advises on Superhosts living nearby, able to take over a variety of tasks you rather not manage yourself. It’s the ultimate chance to have your place being taken care of with some tenderness by a like-minded pro. The staggering development of Airbnb has caused an ever-increasing number of individuals to join the stage and rent their places. Thus the need for nearby hosts who can help out is ever imminent.


A trustworthy local – advantage(s) over self-check-in


Having an actual person take over the check-in (and other) tasks for you has the advantage that this instills a sense of trust in your guest. A reference point if they would need anything, a person to contact. Depending on how communicative the substitute host may be, the guest could be delighted by “the warm” welcome. You never get a second chance for a first impression.

The actual job of hosting would require flexibility but would at the same time offer opportunity to future employees. Someone looking for residual income, who perhaps has another job, wants to make some money on the side, requires irregular working hours, and would like to “work in a dynamic working environment.” (lame but true)

Worth the investment? Yes; if you can outsource 98 percent of the tasks, definitely. Depending on how close-by you live, or if you depend on the property for 100 percent passive income, a trustworthy local is a definite asset:

  1. To do check-ins and outs
  2. To do the groceries
  3. To clean
  4. To open physical mail
  5. Maintain the place/ report objects requiring maintenance
  6. Attain to specific needs of guests

It is essential you manage (or outsource the management of) your property very efficiently. I will make a world of difference for your profit and your stress levels. Depending on your situation you could outsource all aspects of the work or do so partially. If it’s worth 15 to 20% of your revenue is up to you. Sometimes a third-party company isn’t necessary and a local on-site will do.

These are some options to make your life as a host easier. There are much more ways to improve how efficiently you run your BnB. I go more in-depth on the ins and outs in our ebook. It includes beginner tips and expert advice for becoming a successful and profitable host. Check it out here!

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