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Doing better

There is no denying the fact that as Airbnb is gaining popularity the competition among the hosts is increasing day by day. More and more hosts are getting to work in creating a superb hosting experience. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to be different! If you can be different among all the others you can continue to make a decent living from Airbnb whilst upholding the highest standards.

Here are a few tips that will help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your guests:

Provide a local gift

When you welcome your guest most of the time you treat them to a gift, big or small. A simple yet powerful alternative is giving them something that is a local speciality. Perhaps there is some handicraft special in your direct vicinity or another item that is unique to the place you are located.

Your guests will love this unique gesture and are more likely to recommend your place to their friends & relevant others. A simple idea often works magic in adding a personalized flavour to a guests visit, leaving a very pleasant and memorable aftertaste. Make the trip emotionally engaging and they will find their visit more worth their while.

Provide them tickets to the best attraction

There is another way you can wow your guests. Actually, there are 100’s. There are bound to be some attractions close to you which attract a certain amount of tourists. You can arrange to have tickets to the attractions beforehand (with open dates) and give them to your guests. As you are a local yourself it’s easy to organise (easier than for your arriving guests). All you need to do is make the financial commitment. Just keep in mind, there is no greater reward nor better return on investment than having extremely impressed guests. Indirectly you will do better, your reviews will do better and finally you will rank higher in Airbnb’s algorithm.


Being attentive, timely and responsive to a guests needs and requests definitely improves the experience of your guest. “Home away from home” is an often (overly) used phrase but true none the less. If people feel taken care of, and don’t have any ‘holiday stress’ they will be much more likely to put their appreciation into words (reviews) and promote your BnB through word of mouth. It goes without saying that you need to provide them with some must-see local hot spots. Even for those who prefer to stay in their “home away from home”.

Pamper your guests and stand out in a listing

When you are trying to upgrade your BnB ranking or trying to become a Superhost (or desperately trying to keep the Superhost status after that one guest left you a horrible review which you “couldn’t do anything about”) the most obvious and most effective way to do so is by guaranteeing great future reviews. In order to do that you have to pamper your guests. Think of something out of the box based on your location. If you want more and more people to stay at your place, look keenly at your service and ensure that you provide an experience that is going to wow your guests, even the extremely disappointed ones.


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