What Are Post-Corona Superhosts doing?

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The “How-To-Revive-My-Airbnb” Emergency Plan

If Brian Chesky is “betting on the idea that when social distancing is over, people are going to eventually want to connect”, is that something you are going to base all of your Airbnb Superhost strategies on? On Brian’s wild bet?

As soon as the entire hospitality market starts to show signs of life again, whenever that maybe be (2021?), here is a list of actionable tips to make sure your Airbnb listing will reach maximum potential in the shortest time possible. In this post-corona world, all odds are stacked against you; from the diminished amount of travelers to 0 income over a 6 months to a year timespan, to competition from those who actually live in the property and only use Airbnb as a side income platform, to those offering a “pristine paradise by the sea” away from all those asymptomatic people, you are about to enter a world of shit.

The Airbnb Survival List

Here goes:

  1. Add ‘thoroughly disinfected’ to your listing description, several times. The new guests are hyper-aware of germs and personal hygiene. They associate hygiene with death much more than ever before, however irrational.
  2. Offer free masks, gloves, and gels in your listing description on top of any other toiletries you supplied your guests with.
  3. Triple up on your cleaning. Mention that in your listing description.
  4. Don’t slip up by leaving the property a mess for the next arriving guests. Even the slightest of dust will be perceived as “dirty”, or in the words of guest; “cesspool of filth and damnation.”
  5. Realize that this will be perception of many guests (subconsciously). Dust = dirt = bad hygiene = possibly coronavirus due to negligence = heart palpitations = getting psychosomatic reaction to dust = guests googling non-correlated symptoms such as “heart-pounding & light, inaudible cough from dust” = guest thinking they might be exposed to Coronavirus = guest wanting to leave = request for refund = one-star review “because the property was a cesspool of filth and damnation”. The microcosm Airbnb butterfly effect in a nutshell.
  6. Sign up to all possible platforms to increase your exposure. You know which they are.
  7. Use the extra free time to create your own website, it’s easier than you think and always worth it to cut out the middle man.
  8. Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. Implying here, you should consider other business or money-making ventures except for Airbnb.
  9. Provide unlimited toiletries, including toilet paper. Think perception! And how to anchor a sense of safety into your new guests. Mention this in the listing description.
  10. Consider how appealing your inner-city urban hub really is compared to someone promising paradise, immersed in nature, middle of nowhere, or on the fucking beach. HINT: it’s not. In any case, people will want to (generally) avoid people in very busy areas, no matter how artsy the design is or how fresh the gluten-free multi seed, fair-trade bagels are.
  11. However abstract it may seem, consider any services you could offer as virtual tours, as Airbnb is doing that as we speak. THERE IS NO MORE BOX TO THINK OUTSIDE OF.
  12. Travel is fun but travel is also stressful. That whole dynamic changed and got exponentially more stressful. Realize this and you already have a head start. Offer guests the world and more. Beyond gels, masks, and gloves, offer guests a fully stocked kitchen with goods, food for the first 3 days so they don’t necessarily have to leave if they don’t want to. It might be the best investment you ever make.
  13. Having a smart lock is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity. Prepare for people wanting to have no contact with others except for themselves.
  14. Mention explicitly in your listing you leave a 2-day period in between each booking. This may seem drastic and even unnecessary from a medical perspective. However, all we care about is incentivizing someone psychologically and changing a guest’s perspective to the best of our (ethical) ability.
  15. Accept what you can not change. If anything, “wanting to control” things only adds to our own anxiety as in life there is little (if anything) we can control. If it really doesn’t work out, you will know in due time when it is time to close up shop and start a new adventure.

Let me know what I have missed? Good luck everyone!

“Get busy living or get busy dying”

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying, The Shawshank Redemption ...

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Be it now, or in 2021.

Start preparing for later. Not when it’s too late, but now.



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