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A wonderful picture or set of pictures helps frame what you have to offer. It doesn’t only complement the way your listing description looks, it determines if someone is going to book your place. It leaves a strong impression on the onlooker; preferably a positive one. Here is how to do it:

Make sure they are all the highest resolution possible.

The better the details, the better the (first) impression left on potential guests.

Don’ts and definitely Do’s

No off angles, blurs, overexposure et cetera. Also, a very clear picture on a sunny day of the view onto the street would be great (if the view is great). Have at least 10 pictures! And add one of a nearby park/river/lake. On top of the text, I definitely would recommend contacting Airbnb’s photographers. They will come and make some pictures for free (depends per country but chances are you can make use of the services). Over time I have learnt there is a difference in quality between the photographers. But in the end, it can’t ever hurt to have a professional photographer drop by (FOR FREE)


In case the service isn’t available in your area, you will have to do a very good job by yourself. Do some mild digital editing like adjusting the brightness and contrast, colour saturation and using a high-resolution camera. If you use the camera on your smartphone, make sure the photo is not too compressed when you send it. Nowadays it’s much easier to make a picture look fabulous using fabulous apps such as Canva. The app is so good, it’s going to put designers out of business.

Profile pics

Also, remember not just to write a really great listing, but also have a good host profile and a good host picture. If you are comfortable putting up a personal picture and story at your profile, it definitely helps. The more human you are, the better.

My experience as a copywriter, especially for the hospitality industry reflects in the text. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for the options. I would gladly help you with optimizing your text or help you formulate a listing description from scratch.

Andreas Rønningen

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