Spic(k) & Span: Bathroom basics

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The most important part of your bathroom is to make sure it’s clean. Before each guest, the bathroom needs to be cleaned. This is an area where you can’t cut corners. For example, if the guest stays for only one night and barely uses the bathroom, you might say: “Do I really need to clean the bathroom? It looks perfectly fine.”

Hint: Yes

Guests aren’t paying you for a place that looks clean, they wanted a bathroom that was actually clean. The reason for this is because you can’t see viruses, fungus, bacteria etc. So let me give you some tips on what to do with a barely used, almost clean bathroom that you are tempted to just leave alone. If you outsource your cleaning because you “just don’t roll like that”, hand the following information to the cleaner for some insight they might not already be aware of. You can do a bare minimum touch up cleaning that takes 2 minutes and should minimize the chance
that you have any problems while saving you time. The 2-minute bathroom cleaning starts with the right tools in the same place.

The Steps

1. You need a proper cleaning product (no cheapy). Preferably one that contains
bleach, detergent, fragrance, and water.
2. Start by spraying the tub and letting it sit for a minute.
3. Then, inspect the mirror and wipe it if it’s dirty.
4. Then always wipe the handles because this is where people touch and end by
wiping the inside of the sink.
5. Make sure your soap and conditioner bottles are clean and not empty.
6. Then check your toilet paper and go to the toilet and wipe the handle, the seat,
under the seat and the rim.
7. Now, go to your tub and mop the bottom and the sides.
8. Turn on the shower and rinse the entire tub. Be sure to look for stuck hairs.
9. A single hair will stick out and make the entire bathtub look gross.

End by wiping the floor.

Did I mention a single hair will stick out and make the entire bathtub look gross?

You should do the 2-minute cleaning every single time. Don’t forget to do a complete cleaning on a regular basis which includes washing the shower and the floor mat.

This should ensure that your rental will not become the feature in a bad news article/ a terrible review or well-read blog.

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