The Belgian government opening can of whoopass on Airbnb

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Almost 60 accommodations closed after a checkup

The tourism organization of Flanders imposed an immediate cease and desist order on 56 landlords of Airbnb accommodations. After checking 106 buildings, more than half of them were not in accordance with local fire safety regulations.

Despite the repeated insistence of the Belgian government and municipalities for more insight into their data, the company refuses to transfer data about its landlords to the Belgian government. That is why in the past few months, the tourism organization of Flanders has been making checks on their own account, checking whether the landlords are abiding by the current rules and regulations.

Now that this is not the case in at least half of the cases, Minister of Tourism Ben Weyts has¬†announced an increased and more strict set of regulations including a higher frequency of checks. “We will continue to require Airbnb to comply with our decree of accommodation,” says Weyts. “That means that the company must transfer information about its Flemish landlords towards our inspection services.”






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