The future of the Airbnb Superhost after Airbnb Plus

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What is Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb launched Airbnb Plus February this year, stating:

“To broaden the appeal of Airbnb to even more guests, and to recognize hosts who go above and beyond to provide outstanding hospitality, Airbnb is today launching a new tier of homes on Airbnb that have been personally verified for quality and comfort. “

Which is basically the same as being a Superhost, except they are adding a little extra demands to the new “Plus” status to it and rebranding Superhost into being a host who falls in the Airbnb Plus category. Sure there is a 100+ checklist which needs be abided by, and they will send a photographer and someone in person to check your home but chances are, if you really are a Superhost, that you will find you are eligible for an Airbnb Plus category

What makes someone eligible?

You may hold a “Superhost” status, however, if your “Acceptance rate” is not at least 95% you immediately do not qualify as an Airbnb Plus host. Be a Superhost, add some extra amenities as mentioned, make sure you check all the 100 items on their checklist. Not really rocket science. This is most likely a pilot to see who much positive response they get, how many new hosts intend to become a Plus home, as well as to see how many new Airbnb users this concept attracts. Superhosts generally seem to express some dissatisfaction on community pages and have some resistance as it has become evident that they either do not qualify or because they fear that Airbus Plus will overrule their Superhost status. A status which previously brought them more bookings, more visibility and an ability to charge a higher rate.


What do to? Dealing with change

So besides feeling some resistance towards being outperformed by those who run an Airbnb Plus listing, there is the definite advantage of being able to 1,5X or 2X your nightly rate. Perhaps it’s better to adapt to changing market conditions instead of complaining about pesky old Airbnb who is making it harder for Superhosts to be able to host.

Don’t forget the 149$  application fee you need to pay to make yourself eligible for the Airbnb Plus category.

Anyway, don’t worry. By the time you finally make Airbnb Plus, you will have Airbnb Beyond to compete against.




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