The next guest: Cleanliness 3.0

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Plan like never before

When it comes to preparing for your next guest, make it easy on yourself. This starts with good planning.

Make sure all your linens are white (or at least the same colour) and you have all the proper cleaning supplies nearby and ready to go. Develop an organized routine and checklist so you can work efficiently without missing anything. An efficient cleaning process works like this. Grab all the bedding and towels and wash them in one load with a tiny bit of bleach (if your linens are indeed white) and fabric softener. Then dry them with a fabric softener sheet so they smell delicious.


With five minutes left on the drier, start your cleaning routine. Arrange the closet, then the window blinds, then the desk, wipe the bed cover, check the floor, check the trash, vacuum the floor, the hallway, put the keys on the table, put sheets on the bed. After you’ve done this a few times, it really should only take 15 minutes to prepare for the next guest.


A few pro tips during this cleaning process. As soon as your drier is done, put the linen on. This avoids wrinkling. As the towels are concerned, make sure they’re all dry before you fold them because you don’t want guests to think a towel is damp because the last guest used it or because you don’t know how to use a drier. Also, do a pillow smell test between each guest to make sure your pillow smells pleasantly welcoming. You don’t want guests to smell someone else’s hairspray (or worse) all night. I recommend having backup pillows and bedding just in case. Just in case it’s

Pro tip incoming

Last pro tip, a sticky roller for hairs. This is super handy because hairs are one of the few things that just don’t come out in the wash. To use it, roll it over the pillowcase before you put it in the laundry and then check the whole bed after washing to pick up any stray hairs. Even though washed bedlinen with one hair on them are actually completely clean, as I mentioned with cleaning the bathroom, hairs are just one of those things that guests associate with being dirty or unwashed. Once your place is set up and clean, you’re ready to create the actual listing if you haven’t done so

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