The perfect Airbnb listing description

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DO NOT: a poor description



A very limited, badly written Airbnb listing description will also do the trick of NOT attracting guests. They will keep searching for another listing, which suits them better or which they think suits them better. If your description is riddled with spelling mistakes this definitely can put a reader off. It hardly instils trust. After all, how much effort would someone have put into their actual BnB if they didn’t even put any effort into the description? Unfortunately, this is how your guest thinks.

DO: a much better description

Here is some advice on how you could do it:

1. I generally believe “less is more/ brevity is best”. It keeps the info clear for the reader, keeps the reader enticed and engaged. Try to keep sentences shorter than 10 words. Add bullet points. Makes it simple to read, displays the most important info most instantly.

2. Short sentences (keep them short, you are not writing an essay)

3. Less is more: The notion that simplicity and clarity lead to a clear, clean and preferable outcome. If you re-read your description and think “that part can go (because it adds no value)”, then it can go. Kill your darlings.

4. Engaging: you are allowed to exaggerate a little about your house, your services and your amenities. Try to use your own “personal” voice. Just add a little Umpf. It’s the difference between:

– “We have a kitchen. It has an oven, a stove and a microwave.”


– “Our convenient kitchen is fully facilitated for prep cooks and executive chefs. Perfect if you would like to unleash your culinary talents. You can do so using the (brand) oven, the 4 burner (brand) stove or the (brand) microwave. We also have a (brand) blender and a set of superb (brand) knives.”

This may not be what you are looking for exactly. It’s just an example. Brand yourself.

5. Storytelling: If there is a story to tell about your home, tell it. If there is no story, tell one in your profile. Don’t tell an actual story. But be elaborate and open in your profile description about “who you are/ where you are from and where you envision yourself to be in the very near future (goals)”. Makes a reader feel engaged. Because of a 100 psychological reasons which I won’t get in to right now.

6. Title: it needs to be captivating, creative, not too fancy.

“3br loft for your pleasure no kids no bargains –Whoop Whoop”

is not too fancy. Neither is it captivating nor creative. It’s really not good enough. It’s shit.

7. Space: Be elaborate, clear and transparent, about everything you feel you should be. Construction/noise/distance/repairs/

8. Don’t go crazy on the rules: Remove or drastically reduce the house rules (If your RULES section is more than one sentence). My experience is guests will hardly treat your place disrespectfully (with harmful intent). However, if you are ever unfortunate enough to have experienced some damage, use Airbnb’s resolution tool (or any other platforms’ dispute tool). Most of the time the guest will pay. Even if they don’t, in 95 percent of the cases Airbnb will cover those costs (if you are a superhost and the actual cost doesn’t exceed 200 euros/dollars). In the end, the kind of people who will cause damage will do so regardless of being told not to ten times over. Just mention once: “Please treat our precious home with some tenderness and care”. Ninety-nine percent of the people will know exactly what you mean.

9. Round up the listing by inviting people to stay at your place. It’s your call to action:

– “Contact me today for a fabulously comfortable and relaxed getaway!”

Hope this helps and has created some value for you. Would love to hear your feedback in the comments.


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