Welcome to Scareville: The 5 scariest Halloween houses on Airbnb

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Halloween is coming. Whether you decide to go trick or treating, attend a horror-themed feast or spend your night binge watching the Halloween franchise with a group of friends, nothing will prepare you for these horror homes.  Where better to chill and spend your Halloween than in a haunted home. Here are the five scariest houses on Airbnb.


William Grant built this Bed & Breakfast in 1754 for his wife and children. Today, one specific room in the building is noticed by visitors – Adelaide’s Room. Guests tell them that they woke up at night and saw a woman in a colonial dress with two children. Others heard strange beating sounds and footsteps or suddenly saw the TV turning on by itself.


In this beautiful yet terrifying castle in Italy, you are never truly alone. The legend has it that a young girl named Barbara wanders around. She has been waiting for her beloved Matteo for 500 years. The Duke of Milan, the father of Barbara, promised his daughter to another man, but Barbara and her lover never let go of each other. They forged a plan to run away together. Unfortunately, they got caught. Matteo was banished and the duke locked Barbara in the castle tower where she slowly languished from pure despair. When you stay in Castello dal Pazzo you can still hear the wailing of the ‘Lady in Waiting’ during the night.



This Airbnb was built in 1857 and is also known as the Lilburn Mansion. It was home to the successful entrepreneur Henry Hazelhurst. In 1923 the house was destroyed by a fire and when the new owner, John McGinnis, wanted to renovate, unknown entities didn’t give their permission. The Hazelhurst family lost one of their children due to illness and Henry himself died in the house. Guests claim that the Hazelhursts never left. For example, a playing girl has been spotted several times and people claim to have seen the heavy chandelier move…All….By…Itself.


This tower belonged to an ancient stable in the countryside in the town of Sanguineto. The place derives its name from the famous and bloody battle between the Roman army and the Carthaginian army, led by Hannibal in 217 BC. It is a place with a disturbing history in the middle of Tuscany surrounded by nature.


Knock Knock. Who’s there? In this house probably no one is home. At least, not someone visible to the human eye. On another realm, the invisible inhabitant, Robert Moore, built this house in 1929. It is believed that during the construction, new construction workers were hired on a daily basis so that nobody would get to know Robert’s secrets, who was just a tad paranoid. Moore finally died in his bedroom, the day before Halloween, on October 30, 1958. It is claimed that his remains, his spirit wanders through the house, whenever he pleases to do so. Enjoy!


Hope this has inspired you to stay at some fabulous Airbnb locations. If you dare of course.



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